BIRD version 2.0.11

Ondrej Filip feela at
Mon Dec 12 00:43:11 CET 2022

Dear users,
We just released third stable version of BIRD this year. Many thanks
to my great colleagues and namely Santiago. Here is a list of the main

Version 2.0.11 (2022-11-12)
   o BGP roles (RFC 9234)
   o BGP: Keepalive time scaling
   o BGP: New 'min hold time' and 'min keepalive time' options
   o BGP: New 'next hop prefer global' option
   o Filter: For loops and direct recursion
   o Filter: Mixed declarations of local variables
   o Filter: Improved static type checks
   o Filter: Literal [] for empty set
   o Linux: Netlink KRT improvements
   o BSD: Experimental support for Netlink API
   o Memory management improvements
   o Many bugfixes


In contrast to prior versions, configured keepalive time in BGP now 
scales with negotiated hold time to maintain proportion between the
keepalive time and the hold time.

The Linux KRT was updated to use the recent API for IPv6 ECMP routes 
instead of the legacy one. Consequently, the Linux versions older than 
4.11 are no longer supported, at least for IPv6 ECMP routes. Also, 
routing table scanning now runs separately for each table to avoid 

There is a minor change in recursive next hop processing. Previously, 
recursive next hop must be resolved through a non-recursive route, now 
it must be resolved through a prefix where both the best route and all
routes with the same preference (as the best route) are non-recursive. 
The old behavior might lead in some corner cases to an infinite loop 
of recursive next hop resolution due to a priority inversion.

There is a minor change in the 'configure undo' command, it is no 
longer available after failed reconfiguration, as the old 
configuration is already released.

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