IPv6 BGP & kernel 4.19

Clément Guivy clement at guivy.fr
Wed Feb 26 21:38:00 CET 2020

Hi, did anyone find a solution or workaround regarding this issue? 
Considering a router use case.
I have looked at rt6_stats, total route count is around 78k (full view), 
and around 4100 entries in the cache at the moment on my first router 
(forwarding a few Mb/s) and around 2500 entries on my second router 
(forwarding less than 1 Mb/s).
I have reread the entire thread. At first, Alarig's research seemed to 
lead to a neighbor management problem, my understanding is that route 
cache is something else entirely - or is it related somehow?

On 03/12/2019 19:29, Alarig Le Lay wrote:
> We agree then, and I act as a router on all those machines.
> Le 3 décembre 2019 19:27:11 GMT+01:00, Vincent Bernat 
> <vincent at bernat.ch> a écrit :
>     This is the result of PMTUd. But when you are a router, you don't
>     need to do that, so it's mostly a problem for end hosts.
>     On December 3, 2019 7:05:49 PM GMT+01:00, Alarig Le Lay
>     <alarig at swordarmor.fr> wrote:
>         On 03/12/2019 14:16, Vincent Bernat wrote:
>             The information needs to be stored somewhere.
>         Why has it to be stored? It’s not really my problem if someone else has
>         a non-stantard MTU and can’t do TCP-MSS or PMTUd.

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