Setting different facility parameter for logging

Jakub Nowacki jnowacki at
Wed Jan 2 14:43:59 CET 2019


I'm running BIRD on Arista switch that allows entering bash. What I want to
achieve is to have logs from BIRD being integrated into Switch OS. Meaning
when BIRD logs a message it will appear in the output of 'show logging'

>From switch documentation I know it is possible, but it needs to set a
certain "facility" parameter when running C function "openlog"

>From BIRD source code for sysdep/unix/log.c:

> if (new_syslog_name)
>   {
>     current_syslog_name = xstrdup(new_syslog_name);
> *openlog(current_syslog_name, LOG_CONS | LOG_NDELAY, LOG_DAEMON);*  }

What I need is instead of having LOG_DAEMON I need LOG_LOCAL4

Is it possible to set this via BIRD configuration or only way is to compile
from source to achieve this? Perhaps there is another way to achieve that
logging behavior?

Kind regards

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