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It makes no sense to use virtualization in the cases of the router.
CPU and memory are not so important.
It is important to have the necessary network cards (2x10G SFP+).
We successfully use Supermicro X10SDV-4C + -TP4F-O.

On 10/12/17 23:48, Lauro, John wrote:
> My 2cents, only put something on a small dedicated server that is not mission critical.  
> You can achieve over 10gbps under vmware, and if you need more memory, add it without rebooting...  more cpu, do it live without reboot... faster cpu becomes available, then move it live without downtime.  Need to reboot it takes seconds instead of minutes, hardware failure, let vmware reboot it on different hardware automatically (or setup redundant vms on different hosts).  Myths about  traffic and packet per second are just FUD. Not saying you can't get a benchmark to be almost 10% better on the same hardware for workloads that are not cpu bound (cpu bound not even that much difference), but you are better off buying a 10% faster machine and take the advantages of vmware.  Not to mention other advantages such as snapshots, etc...  Hardware and licensing might cost more, but not as much as down time or time saved in productivity.
> How would a small server with dedicated network interface be better?
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> Hi,
> Which linux distro do you prefer for stability, security etc.?
> I use FreeBSD and CentOS for route servers. You can choose your favorite linux distro.
> Is it good choice to install Bird as vmware vm?
> You can run Bird on small machine but please concern about the traffic and packet per second.
> Small server with dedicated network interface would be better than VM.
> Just my 2cent
> Best regards,
> David S.

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