BFD parameters not taken into account

Benoit Portrat bpo-bird at
Fri Jul 29 19:00:36 CEST 2016


After some lab tests with bfd and bgp, I've encountered a problem. bfd 
sessions associated with bgp sessions are up but bfd parameters in 
config file are not taken into account and there is no sign of error in 
the logs.
I have reproduced it with bird 1.5.0 and bird 1.6.0. I've not found any 
trace of a problem like this in the mailing list. I don't know if I've 
missed something or if this is a bug.

For debug purpose, I have two nodes with a config like this :

log syslog all;
debug protocols all;

define local_as = 65101;

# Router params
router id;

# Protocols
protocol device {
     scan time 10;

protocol direct {
     interface "*";

protocol kernel {
     scan time 20;
     import none;
     export all;

protocol bgp {
     local as local_as;
     source address;
     import none;
     export none;
     neighbor as local_as;

protocol bfd {
     interface "*" {
         interval 400 ms;
         multiplier 10;

But when I display the bfd session, I can see that interval and timeout 
are on default values :

bird> show bfd sessions
IP address                Interface  State      Since       Interval  
Timeout              ---        Up         18:19:37      0.100    

Explicitly declaring the bfd neighbors in the config block doesn't 
change anything.

Does someone have already encountered this problem ?


Benoit Portrat

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