BIRD 1.4.2 - some strange things

Ondrej Zajicek santiago at
Thu Apr 24 23:27:28 CEST 2014

On Wed, Apr 23, 2014 at 04:31:50PM +0300, Javor Kliachev wrote:
> Hello,
> After upgrade from 1.3.9 to 1.4.2, we're observing following things:
> *1) Testing ADD-PATH feature on iBGP:**
> *
> With AS-PATH functionality everything looks fine but:
> How we may see all exported routes to given iBGP member with "add paths  
> on" enabled.
> I have tried with:
> root at rs2-nix-bird:~# birdc show route export R0_100 count
> *2796* of 3377 routes for 3377 networks

Yes, 'show route export' shows bad information here, it ignores
the fact that 'add paths' is enabled.

BIRD does not store information whether the route was exported to the
protocol, it just computes whether it would be exported during 'show
route export', so it may show different information because of bugs or

> *So my question is*: Is there any other command to see all exported  
> prefixes when as-path is enabled.

Not really, but 'show route export' should be fixed.

You could just use 'show route where proto != "R0_100"' if you have
'export all' or something similar.

> *2) BGP Route limit - strange thing:*
> With the new version, today I observed that when "BGP protocol" has  
> configured limit to 1, every time
> when we run "birdc configure" the session from UP goes DOWN and back to  
> UP and then stay ESTABLISHED
> with following reason:
> It is happen absolutely everytime when we run "birdc configure".

Seems like when route is received, the limit is perceived as less or
equal, while during reconfigure it is perceived as strictly less. The
documentation is not unambiguous w.r.t. this issue, but i would guess
that understanding limits as less or equal is probably what users

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