BIRD 1.4.2 - some strange things

Javor Kliachev jkliachev at
Wed Apr 23 15:31:50 CEST 2014


After upgrade from 1.3.9 to 1.4.2, we're observing following things:

*1) Testing ADD-PATH feature on iBGP:**
With AS-PATH functionality everything looks fine but:

How we may see all exported routes to given iBGP member with "add paths 
on" enabled.

I have tried with:

root at rs2-nix-bird:~# birdc show route export R0_100 count
*2796* of 3377 routes for 3377 networks

But obvious there is something wrong because on other side on RS1 I see 
the following:

root at rs1-nix-bird:~# birdc show route protocol R0_200 count
*3334* of 7034 routes for 6017 networks

There are difference of 538 prefixes ( that are more that one path per 
destination ).

*So my question is*: Is there any other command to see all exported 
prefixes when as-path is enabled.

*2) BGP Route limit - strange thing:*

With the new version, today I observed that when "BGP protocol" has 
configured limit to 1, every time
when we run "birdc configure" the session from UP goes DOWN and back to 
UP and then stay ESTABLISHED
with following reason:

It is happen absolutely everytime when we run "birdc configure".

Apr 23 16:17:24 rs2-nix bird: Reconfiguring
Apr 23 16:17:24 rs2-nix bird: Protocol R0_187 hits route import limit 
(1), action: restart
Apr 23 16:17:24 rs2-nix bird: R0_252: Reconfigured
Apr 23 16:17:24 rs2-nix bird: Reconfigured
Apr 23 16:17:26 rs2-nix bird: R0_187: Shutdown requested

 From *R0_187* normally we should receive only 1 prefix. When we 
increase the limit to 2 everything looks fine.

With the old version 1.3.9 it works without restart the session.

*Here is my config:*

protocol bgp R0_187 from iBGP {
   neighbor as 65535;
   import all
   export all
   table T65535;
   route limit 1;

Thanks in advance!

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