New release 1.4.0

Ondrej Filip feela at
Mon Nov 25 15:34:38 CET 2013

Hi Bird users,
a premature Christmas gift is here. We have a new version of your
popular routing daemon. Since this version could potentially break
some of you current installation and since it adds a new protocol -
BFD, this version has number 1.4.0. The branch 1.4.0 is meant to be
stable for production environment.


Version 1.4.0 (2013-11-25)
  o BFD protocol (RFC 5880).
  o BFD support for OSPF and BGP.
  o New 'allow local as' option for BGP.
  o Filters allows setting gw, ifname and ifindex.
  o Filter operator 'delete/filter' extended to bgp_paths.
  o Filter operator 'len' extended to [e]clists.
  o BIRD client now allows shorthands for noninteractive commands.
  o Flag -P for PID file support.
  o Flag -f added to force BIRD to run in foreground.
  o Protocol exp/imp/recv limits are checked during reconfiguration
  o Several bugfixes and minor improvements.
  o Several minor but incompatible changes:
     - IBGP is multihop by default.
     - Changes primary address selection on BSD to the first one.
     - Integers in filters are handled as unsigned.
     - ISO 8601 time formats used by default.
     - Import of device routes from kernel protocol allowed.
     - Last state change now tracks just protocol state change.
     - Minor changes to default router ID calculation.

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