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Yeah, that was basically the "route" I had been going through.  I have two upstream ISPs that get my routes fine, and that I get the routes from them fine.  But I tried probably 20 different bird config versions (using pipes, filters on the pipes, not using pipes, filters on the table itself, and he never got anything to show up.

I think I'm just going to maybe call it a problem on his end, maybe his cisco router was not set to accept my ASN or something I guess.  Just seems weird, curious if there was something basic that I was overlooking.  But it doesn't sound like it.

The intercepting of packets was a good call for troubleshooting too, but the client already moved on.  I was just trying to do a postmortem on the situation to see if it really was my fault for some reason.

I actually think I'm going to pick up an old Cisco switch and set up a BGP session between it and my bird router on that port, just to be 100% sure that everything was set up right on my side.  If I do find anything though I'll pass it along.

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I would check the basics... do you have a route for the networks you are
exporting? The cisco router has a route to the gateway of the exported
networks. From where came the routes (from the router itself or you learn
it from another procotol/peer)?

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> They were running a cisco router.  They would do this:
> show ip bgp neighbors X.X.X.X received-routes
> And get:
> Total number of prefixes 0
> Apparently.  I never saw it, but that is what they would tell me.
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> > Yeah, it showed all 4 routes as exported.
> >
> > The only thing else I could think of was there was a level 2 smart
> switch between the two routers (mine and theirs).  I wouldn't think that
> would make any effect, as the machines could ping each other fine and
> establish a session fine.
> How do you know they didn't receive those routes? Do you have output from
> their
> #show ip bgp neighbor <ip>
> #show ip bgp neighbor <ip> routes
> mk

Christian Lyra

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