ERR when redistributing to OSPF NSSA

Alex Bligh alex at
Thu Sep 29 22:42:24 CEST 2011


--On 29 September 2011 22:50:25 +0200 Ondrej Zajicek 
<santiago at> wrote:

> BTW, there is a similar (but mostly harmless) bug not related to NSSA -
> if an interface appears and there is a static route configured that goes
> through that iface, the static protocol receives the iface notification
> and generates the route, which is propagated to an ospf protocol before
> the iface notification, so gw is not found and the route is propagated
> without one.

That sounds like it might be what I'm seeing (see mail entitled
"Directly connected interface redistribution problem" - yes I will
get you the debug output you wanted, the test environment got
rebuilt before I could get it), as what we're doing is redistributing
static routes.

Do you have a fix I could try?

Alex Bligh

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