[OSPF] BIRD <> Mikrotik checksum

Adrian Czapek adrian.czapek at rybnet.pl
Sat Mar 19 16:22:20 CET 2011

> Did you find anything? I've experienced the same problem last evening.
> Suddenly I've found my routeros logs flooded by:
> mar/16 23:32:31 route,ospf,info Discarding packet: wrong chekcsum
> mar/16 23:32:31 route,ospf,info source=
> this is backup link, with cost set to 100 on both sides - main link,
> between the same bird and the same routeros has been working perfectly.
> I first tried to reload ospf1 from bird console and guess what
> happened... main link went dead too... wrong checksums on both links.
> Then I did reload ospf1 again, main link went up, backup link stayed
> dead, but suddenly, other routeros in this area went dead:
> mar/16 23:37:27 route,ospf,info Discarding packet: wrong chekcsum
> mar/16 23:37:27 route,ospf,info source=
> I started to freak out and pullled bigger cannon: restart ospf1 -
> result: those 2 routeros went up (besides backup link -
> source=, but heh, 3rd routeros went down
> mar/16 23:39:57 route,ospf,info Discarding packet: wrong chekcsum
> mar/16 23:39:57 route,ospf,info source=
> well, that was to much, I shutdown whole bird and started it again...
> all went up except the first mentioned backup link (which never went up
> btw).
> So I decided to go back to quagga and check it there with the same
> config. Disabled ospf in bird, started quagga and everything went up,
> even that backup link. I've left it for about an hour and stopped
> quagga, enabled ospf on bird, and everyting works fine, all links are
> up, backup link too.

And it happened today again, wrong checksums all of the sudden, on 
various links. Have to go back to quagga and wait for a fix. Any clue?


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