[OSPF] BIRD <> Mikrotik checksum

Adrian Czapek adrian.czapek at rybnet.pl
Thu Mar 17 12:03:16 CET 2011

 >On Thu, Sep 02, 2010 at 11:36:22AM +0200, Maciej Drobniuch wrote:
 >> Hi!
 >> I have a problem with binding bird with mikrotik router os.
 >> The RouterOS says:
 >> Discarding packet: wrong checksum.
 >Strange. I will check that.

Did you find anything? I've experienced the same problem last evening. 
Suddenly I've found my routeros logs flooded by:
mar/16 23:32:31 route,ospf,info Discarding packet: wrong chekcsum
mar/16 23:32:31 route,ospf,info     source=

this is backup link, with cost set to 100 on both sides - main link, 
between the same bird and the same routeros has been working perfectly.
I first tried to reload ospf1 from bird console and guess what 
happened... main link went dead too... wrong checksums on both links.
Then I did reload ospf1 again, main link went up, backup link stayed 
dead, but suddenly, other routeros in this area went dead:

mar/16 23:37:27 route,ospf,info Discarding packet: wrong chekcsum
mar/16 23:37:27 route,ospf,info     source=

I started to freak out and pullled bigger cannon: restart ospf1 - 
result: those 2 routeros went up (besides backup link - 
source=, but heh, 3rd routeros went down

mar/16 23:39:57 route,ospf,info Discarding packet: wrong chekcsum
mar/16 23:39:57 route,ospf,info     source=

well, that was to much, I shutdown whole bird and started it again... 
all went up except  the first mentioned backup link (which never went up 
So I decided to go back to quagga and check it there with the same 
config. Disabled ospf in bird, started quagga and everything went up, 
even that backup link. I've left it for about an hour and stopped 
quagga, enabled ospf on bird, and everyting works fine, all links are 
up, backup link too.

What may be wrong?


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