Netlink: file exists problem

Łukasz Chrustek lukasz at
Wed Jun 8 14:48:20 CEST 2011


>> Why bird try to reinstall this routes ? How can I filter this out ?

> See:


Ok, thx, I will read this.

> BTW, what are these routes in BIRD table?
> (command 'show route' and so on)

bird> show route  blackhole [ospf_routes 10:42] * (200)
bird> show route X.Y.11.16/29
X.Y.11.16/29    blackhole [ospf_routes 10:42] * (200)
bird> show route X.Y.10.252/30
X.Y.10.252/30   via X.Y.10.249 on eth0.190 [MyOSPF 10:42] * I (150/10200) [Z.Z.Z.Z]


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