OSPF: Socket error: No buffer space available

Sid Narasimhan sid.narasimhan at netronome.com
Wed Jun 8 21:47:53 CEST 2011


 Can someone pls. provide some insight into this? Am a first-time user of

I have two machines (bird0 and bird1) running bird with a OSFP router for
the same area configured and both using a non default routing table (vr1)
pointing to kernel routing table 1.

One of the birds config files (on bird0) also has a large number of static
routes configured, also for vr1. There are 512k static routes with contain
more than 100k unique prefixes. The idea is that the other birds (bird0)
OSFP will get a dump of these routes.

- starting up bird0 and after a while:
  bird0: birdc show route table vr1 | wc -l --> 116977
  bird0: ip route show table 1 | wc -l --> 116973

- then starting up bird1 and after a while:
  bird1: birdc show route table vr1 | wc -l --> 116977
  bird1: ip route show table 1 | wc -l --> 116974

I see the "bird: OSPF: Socket error: No buffer space available" error on
bird1 console, BUT all routes are propagated so there does not seem to be an
issue handling this many routes.

So is this some type of transient condition? Or is there a deeper hidden
issue here handling this volume of routes, for which i may have to tweak

Any help here is greatly appreciated.

Sid Narasimhan
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