Loopback not redistributed

Pierre Rivenez pierre.rivenez at celeste.fr
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I run OSPF with 2 links to 2 cisco routers. I want 2 links backup for each other. 
In my lab, I meet a problem: When a link shut down, and up later, the ospf instance do not send the LSA(Updates) to the cisco router. This "bug" cause the cisco router can not recevie the LSAs. It introduce a routing selection problem. 
Is there a mechanism of bird routing daemon that re-send its updates to its ospf neighbors, when the OSPF neighbor relationship is being reset? 

thanks for respond.It is very urgent! 


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I have a problem using bird. 

I have two ospf instances running on a router. This router are connected to two routers. 
One instance for each link. 

On the two links I send two loopbacks with different ospf tag. 

But when a link fail and come back the ospf don't send again the loopback to the remote router. 

Do you know why ? 

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