Bird6 and static blackhole

Giuseppe Ravasio giuseppe_ravasio at
Wed Feb 23 11:35:20 CET 2011

I'm setting up bird6 as core IPv6 BGP router and in order to annunce my 
subnet aggregated i used the blackhole method:

protocol static {
         route 2a01:9c01::/32 drop;

but when i started bird i keep getting this error:

  bird6: device1: Scanning interfaces
  bird6: kernel1: Scanning routing table
  bird6: kernel1: Pruning table master
  bird6: kernel1: 2a01:9c01::/32: reinstalling
  bird6: Netlink: No such device
  bird6: kernel1: Pruning inherited routes

it seems that linux doesn't allow to set blackhole ipv6 routes without 
specifing the device:
root@:~# ip -f inet6 route add blackhole 2a01:9c01::/32
RTNETLINK answers: No such device

if I append dev lo the route inserts without problems.

This error does not happen with reject and so

protocol static {
         route 2a01:9c01::/32 reject;

works like a charm.

There is a way to solve this issue?
Or maybe you can consider allowing to specify device in route drop command.


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