[OSPF] BIRD <> Mikrotik checksum

Maciej Drobniuch maciej at drobniuch.pl
Thu Sep 2 11:36:22 CEST 2010

I have a problem with binding bird with mikrotik router os.
The RouterOS says:
Discarding packet: wrong checksum.

In the bird manual we can find
"The RFC says that a router should check the checksum of every LSA to
detect hardware problems. BIRD does not do this to minimalize CPU
Does the BIRD send checksum in OSPF

That is my OSPF config:
protocol ospf LandtechOSPF {
       tick 2;
        rfc1583compat yes;
        area {
                stub no;
                interface "eth1" {
                        hello 10;
                        retransmit 5;
                        cost 10;
                        transmit delay 5;
                        dead 40;
                        dead count 40;
                        wait 50;
                        type broadcast;

Thanks for help!

Maciej Drobniuch

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