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Sami Halabi sodynet1 at
Wed Sep 1 23:23:07 CEST 2010

I'm new to bird, and I need help in configuring my DUAL homed BGP.
here is the infrastructure:
AS100 is a transit i'm connected to - this transit allows only traffic that
was originated by one of its peering AS's to flow over it (IE it doesn't
allow traffic destinated to as400 which isn't a peering member, not even
through any other memebr, for that reason I'm connected also to AS200), this
connection has high bandwidth.
AS200 is a member connected to AS100 also, and also to outside AS's (to the
world), it should destinate traffic to me according to: 1) if this traffic
originated by a member in AS100 or by itself to route throgh AS100, 2)
otherwise to route directly through AS300.
AS300 is my AS that is connected to AS100 and AS200.

i need help in configuring BGP 200 and BGP 300 so that i can do the routing
policy as described above.

Thanks in advance for your help,
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