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On Tue, Nov 23, 2010 at 12:59:00PM +0100, Petr Šťastný wrote:
> What is the meaning of word "neighbor" in this context?
> protocol static defaultgw {
>     route via;
> }
> This static route will disappear from routing table when:
> a) is not reachable (no route to host, no entry in local  
> routing table, router doesn't know how to reach it)
> b) is not a neighbor in any routing protocol at the moment  
> (for example BGP session with becomes down)

Neighbor means that the IP address is directly reachable by
a local network (there is an interface with IP prefix that
contains that address). It is irrelevant whether there is a route
to that IP address in a routing table.

> The goal is to shut down default route when BGP session with the BGP  
> neighbor goes down. So b) would be better behavior for me.
> The only way how to do this is to make a shell script that checks the  
> status of BGP sessions a enables/disables static routes?

Yes, that is the only way.

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