Identify empty community list?

Lars-Johan Liman liman at
Tue Dec 21 17:14:19 CET 2010

santiago at
> There is probably no natural way to do this. Community lists
> currently support just variants of membership testing.


> But your last idea should work:
> ...
> Expression clist ~ pair_set should work like 'exists C from clist such
> that C ~ pair_set'. In your example the problem is that we currently
> support '*' in pair_set only in the second part of the pair, like
> (123,*),

Ah! Got it! Thanks!

> but you can write something like [(0,0)..(65535,65535)].

> Therefore expression  bgp_community ~ [(0,0)..(65535,65535)] should do
> what you want (if you have version 1.2.5, there is a bug in older ones
> in pair sets).

Yup, seems to work. (I have 1.2.5.) Many thanks!


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