BIRD 1.2.4 segfault on peer removal

Peter Lieven pli at
Wed Dec 22 08:58:25 CET 2010


today we saw Bird 1.2.4 crashing when removing a BGP peer.

Dec 22 06:45:00 rs1-ber bird: N194_9_117_45: Down
Dec 22 06:45:00 rs1-ber birdcfg.php[17524]: reconfigured, new configuration saved to /etc/bird.conf
Dec 22 06:45:00 rs1-ber kernel: [21223257.452937] bird[9393]: segfault at b8085def ip b762211d sp bf897e98 error 4 in[b75b7000+13e000]

Unfortunately, I have no core dump.

I can provide the BGP config before and after the reconfiguration. If it helps.

Any ideas?


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