Problem setting IPv6 next-hop in BGP

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> Hello
> Usually BGP IPv6 update has to contain both global next hop address and
> link-local next hop address. If you export static routes to BGP, BIRD
> knows global next hop address, but does not know link local next hop
> address and cannot send proper update. See documentation for option
> 'missing lladdr'.
> You would probably need to set 'missing lladdr ignore'.
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The 1.1.6 release seems to have fixed it (using missing lladdr ignore). I
just found out
about the release after I sent this mail :-)

> Doesn't answer your question, but it seems to me that rather than doing :
>        export filter {
>                if source = RTS_STATIC then {
> To make sure you only export the static routes, not the "device" routes,
> it might be better to set up a separate routing table like so:

I just tried taking this route, but it seems BIRD is ignoring the routes
unless I set up a filter
to explicitely accept RTS_STATIC.

But I suppose separating from the kernel routing table IS useful in my case.

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