log file getting too big

Ondrej Zajicek santiago at crfreenet.org
Wed Nov 18 16:00:40 CET 2009

On Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 02:44:32PM +0000, David J Craigon wrote:
>    It might well be a problem on my end. Any suggestions are welcome.
>    It's not the file system:
>    [root at localhost 5731]# ls -sh /tmp/
>    total 5.9G
>    3.9G bigfile     0 birdlogtmp  2.1G look
>    where the file "look" is what was the bird log file. Bird stopped when the
>    file became 2.1 Gb. As you can see, I can make bigger files
>    I've got bird to create a core dump, which I can include if you really
>    want, but sticking it in gdb tells me the following:

>    [root at localhost ~]# gdb /usr/sbin/bird core.4934
>    Program terminated with signal 25, File size limit exceeded.
>    [New process 4934]
>    The whole signal 25 thing suggests it is coming from outside, but if so,
>    what?

That makes it clear why BIRD crashed - it received unhandled signal and
a crash is a default behavior for that signal.

But it is strange that sug signal was sent when it is possible to have bigger
files on that FS. What FS is used for /tmp ? What kernel version is used?

BTW, i would suggest to use some smart syslog variant and use syslog-based
log rotation.

Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo

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