Some patches

Ondrej Filip feela at
Mon Aug 25 00:54:21 CEST 2008

Ondrej Zajicek wrote:
> Hello
> Bird sometimes reported 'bird: nl_parse_link: Malformed message received'.
> The cause is that bird asynchronously received netlink packet from
> wireless driver about some wireless event on its link  layer. In that
> case bird shouldn't complain. This is fixed by the first patch.

Thank you, I will add this to the next release.

> The second patch causes that 'Invalid broadcast address' error is reported
> only once for an interface and not during every interface scan.

Good, this will go to the next release.

> BTW, the behavior of the automatic OSPF password ID selection looks
> very strange to me.  If i have several interfaces and one passord
> for each, then each password gets different ID based on position
> in config file. This is bug or feature? This looks almost useless
> to me and i think that automatic IDs might start with 1 for each
> interface. 

This is a feature I guess. You can set your own ID in config file. My
solution is more flexible than solution proposed in rfc2328, but you
can use BIRD in the way that rfc2328 proposed.



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