BIRD: MPBGP & problems debugging

Jorge Gomez jorge1981 at
Wed Aug 2 20:52:46 CEST 2006

>If I remember correctly, the debug mode causes BIRD to search for
>everything (config, birdc sockets etc.) in the current directory.

Martin, thanks for your quick response,

If I have understood you well, I have to copy my config file (bird.conf)
into the directory where I am running bird. Ok, bird find it. But the birdc
socket is created ONCE I have executed bird, so I can`t copy it before
calling bird, and continue without finding it, and consecuently without
being able to run birdc :(.
Another question: What else does bird need to find in the current directory,
apart from the bird.conf file and the bird.ctl socket?

It's very important to for my proyect be able to see de debugging messages,
because I need to know what is happening inside bird!

Thank you very much for your time.

Best regards,

Jorge -jorge1981 at

2006/8/1, Martin Mares <mj at>:
> Hello!
> > My project is based in BGP. I have to implement the capability of
> > transporting MPLS labels over BGP messages, or, in other words,
> implement
> > MP-BGP in a BGP open source daemon. And that's the reason I'm writing to
> > this list!
> Good news!
> > Usually I test the changes I make in a virtual network done with User
> Mode
> > Linux (UML) (I don't know if you have heard about that?).
> I heard, but never used that myself (mainly because when I was working
> on BIRD, UML didn't exist yet :) ).
> > 1.- Diving in the web and looking for documentation and information of
> > I have seen that MBGP support is one of the future objectives of the
> daemon,
> > and I would like to know if there is any improvement being developed at
> the
> > moment in this area, or if somebody could give me the contact of any
> working
> > group interested in MBGP for BIRD.
> So far nothing. Feela, did anybody at Cesnet think about that?
> > 2.- Another problem I have founded is that when I try to configure BIRD
> with
> > the --enable-debug option, BIRD can't find my bird.conf, and
> consecuently it
> > can't run.
> If I remember correctly, the debug mode causes BIRD to search for
> everything (config, birdc sockets etc.) in the current directory.
>                                Have a nice fortnight
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