problems with simple configuration

David Rohleder davro at
Mon Apr 9 21:06:21 CEST 2001


i have got a simple config, which behaves badly:

 Internet           P-t-P netw.    local network
------------| VNR |----------| R |-------------


debug protocols all;

protocol direct {
#       interface "-eth*", "*"; # Restrict network interfaces it works with

protocol kernel {
#       learn;                  # Learn all alien routes from the kernel
        persist;                # Don't remove routes on bird shutdown
        scan time 20;           # Scan kernel routing table every 20 seconds
#       import none;            # Default is import all
        export all;             # Default is export none
#       kernel table 5;         # Kernel table to synchronize with (default: mai

protocol static {

protocol rip MyRIP {    # You can also use an explicit name
        port 520;
        interface "eth2" { mode broadcast; };
        authentication none;
        import none;
        export all;

protocol ospf MyOSPF {
        # rfc1583compat yes;
        area {
        #       stub no;
        #       tick 1;
                interface "eth0" {
                        cost 500;
                        dead count 4;
                        type broadcast;
                interface "eth1" {
                        cost 500;
                        dead count 4;
                        type broadcast;
                interface "eth2" {
                        stub yes;
                        cost 10;
                interface "eth3" {
                        stub yes;
                        cost 10;

eth1 and eth3 are up, but there are not any machines. eth3 doesn't
have IP address.

After start, VNR (Bay Networks) doesn't see internal network. But they
are in full state!

And even more strange thing: VNR learns LSA after some action in
birdc. For example, when i run debug MyOSPF all, or even just start birdc!

May be some timing problems. It is PIII/600, 128MB RAM.

some strange messages:

MyOSPF: LS ack sent to (delayed)

shows every max. 20 sec. is P-t-P link.

I have got BIRD 1.0.4 with OSPF area patch. 

Please, release 1.0.5 as soon as possible. Or at least publish all patches.

David Rohleder						davro at
Institute of Computer Science, Masaryk University
Brno, Czech Republic

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