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On Wed, Dec 07, 2016 at 12:57:36AM +0100, Maria P wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> At least with Mikrotik & quagga I understand that a ptmp area means Hellos
> are propagated by multicasts to, the neighbors form ptp relations
> with each other after they have found themselfs.
> with my configuration, Bird doesn't send out multicasts, evenso its logging
> "ospf1: HELLO packet sent via eth0"


BIRD supposes that PtMP interfaces are non-broadcast and send Hellos
as unicast to configured neighbors. That is how it is specified in RFC 2328:

    On Point-to-MultiPoint networks, a router sends Hello Packets to
    all neighbors with which it can communicate directly. These
    neighbors may be discovered dynamically through a protocol such
    as Inverse ARP (see [Ref14]), or they may be configured.

You can try to use PtP mode, that uses mulicast Hello and i think we do
not limit it to one neighbor.

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