Multiple RIBs complexity

Antonio Modesto modesto916 at
Wed Dec 7 11:25:39 CET 2016

Hi everyone,

How efficient is BIRD to calculate the best paths for multiples routing
tables? I'm thinking about doing some PBR in our network to avoid some
situations, for example:

    |                    |
AS100 --------- MYAS ------------TRANSIT

What happens here is that I'm supposed to provide transit to AS100
directly. The problem arrises when AS100 announces a more specific route to
the IX. At this point MYAS starts delivering the traffic throught the IX
infraestructure, bypassing bandwidth control.  Having a second FIB assigned
to the TRANSIT interface that does not contain IX routes would solve the
problem. I'm just worried about the CPU utilization for processing the best
paths for two different routing tables.



Antônio Modesto
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