bird spawning huge amount of BGP traffic

Simon Szustkowski mail at
Thu Feb 19 16:55:21 CET 2015


i am participating in a virtual network which is created for computer 
enthusiasts to gain knowledge about advanced routing protocols and 
stuff. It is called the DN42 (

Currently i am establishing BGP sessions with the help of quagga, but 
since it is quite bloated for my small setup, i would like to migrate to 

I have configured bird4 with the example config provided in the DN42 
wiki ( (sorry about the HTML entities). The 
result is: Bird populates my routing table with all the correct routes, 
but spawns very huge amounts of BGP traffic. I ran it overnight 
accidentally, and it spawned over 70GB traffic on some interfaces, so 
these particular peers closed their VPN tunnels to me, which is 
I have created a minimal config by myself, which has the same result.
However, peering with quagga works as expected, with all routes and 
little traffic.
But since i want to go away from quagga, and use bird, i am asking you 
for advice in this problem. Where is my error, and how can i use bird in 
the correct way?

Additional info: I am using bird on Debian Wheezy Stable, and the 
virtual connections to my peers are set up with OpenVPN. I use IPv4 only 

So i would be thankful for any help or suggestions how to fix the error.

Thanks in advance,


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