OSPF for IPv4 over IPv6 only?

Nico Schottelius nico.schottelius at ungleich.ch
Tue Jan 30 10:32:09 CET 2024

Good morning,

if we are talking about BGP, IPv4 routing over IPv6 works
beautifully. We just add another IPv4 channel and get BGP MP.

OSPFv3 works fine on IPv6 and when creating two instances, one for IPv6
one for IPv4, things look correct. But how does OSFPv3 conceptually work
if the interface of the ospf area do not have IPv4 addresses themselves?

In the BGP case we can use "extended next hop on;" to use the IPv6
nexthop for IPv4, but I did not find a similar setting for OSPF to
accept IPv6 nexthops for IGP IPv4 addresses.

Is there a way to purely go IPv6 only and still relay stub network IPv4
information via an IPv6 only internal area?

Best regards,


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