BIRD 3.0alpha2

Ondrej Filip feela at
Fri May 12 18:37:23 CEST 2023

Dear BIRD Users,
we are releasing another alpha version of BIRD 3. We've found some 
annoying bugs and fixed some usability issues as well as several 
issues with BIRD crashing. We also added a simple work balancing 
algorithm between threads. MRT is still switched off, BMP is not 
merged; they will get into some future alpha version.

Measured performance in BGP is approx. 6-10x better (with 20 threads) 
than version 2.13, depending on the actual configuration. Kernel 
synchronization is slow with a large number of routes; we will look 
into it soon.

If you have some time for trying this version out, we would love to 
hear your feedback.

I thank my colleagues and namely Maria for this release!

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