BIRD 1 - End Of Life: Dec 31, 2023

Cybertinus bird at
Tue Apr 25 13:28:03 CEST 2023

Hello Ondrej,

I'm still running Bird 1.6.8, because then I have at least 2 threads 
instead of 1 thread in Bird 2. My plan was to go straight from Bird 1.6 
to Bird 3.0 when it is released. Is there any chance that Bird 3.0 will 
be released before the end of this year? Or do I need to update my plans 
and really start the migration to Bird 2 in the mean time?

Kind regards,

On 25-04-2023 11:27, Ondrej Filip wrote:
> Dear BIRD users and friends,
> BIRD 2 has been here since 2017. The joint daemon of IPv6 and legacy IP 
> quickly become stable and its last version is 2.13 just couple days 
> old.
> Last version of BIRD 1 was 1.6.8 released in September 2019. We have 
> already declared that we wouldn't release any other version of legacy 
> BIRD 1 unless a serious security bug is found. It's time to say that 
> BIRD 1 is reaching its end of life at the end of the year 2023.
> Please upgrade to BIRD 2 if you're still running BIRD 1. If you are 
> waiting for BIRD 3, you can stay assured that upgrade from BIRD 2 to 
> BIRD 3 will be smooth.
> Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding
> 	Ondrej & BIRD team

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