BIRD 2.13

Ondrej Filip feela at
Sun Apr 23 16:36:51 CEST 2023

It is very unusual for us, be we have two releases in one week. New 
version 2.13 is out. As you can see we changed versioning scheme from 
<epoch>.<major>.<minor> to more common <major>.<minor>.<patch> . From 
now on, you may expect that BIRD 2.13.x will be strictly only fixing 
bugs found in 2.13, whereas BIRD 2.14 will also contain new features.

I thank my colleagues and namely Santiago for this release!

Version 2.13
   o Babel: IPv4 via IPv6 extension (RFC 9229)
   o Babel: Improve authentication on lossy networks
   o BGP: New 'allow bgp_med' option
   o BSD: Support for IPv4 routes with IPv6 nexthop on FreeBSD
   o Experimental BMP protocol implementation
   o Important bugfixes

   This BIRD version contains an alpha release of BMP protocol
   implementation. It is not ready for production usage and
   therefore it is not compiled by default and have to be
   enabled during installation.
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