[ABCD/01][2019/01/26] Re: Default config file name 1.6 vs. 2.0

Eugene Crosser crosser at average.org
Sat Jan 26 16:04:55 CET 2019

On 26/01/2019 15:26, Christoffer Hansen wrote:

> On 26/01/2019 14:55, Eugene Crosser wrote:> I would like to suggest to
> change the default name of the configuration file for
>> bird version 2.0.
> Wouldn't using the -c switch[0][1] to give the bird daemon a
> /path/to/my/bird-1.6/bird.conf , /path/to/my/bird-2.0/bird.conf be
> sufficient?

When you install a package in your distro, you are not given an opportunity to
specify this option. Especially if you use some automation tools for package
management. You will have to move the host out of production, upgrade the
package, change the init script to use `-c <smth else>` and move the host back
in production.

If maintainers of the distro packages included that option with different paths
for different versions, that would solve the problem. But they will probably
forget / not bother to do that. In my opinion, it is safer to change the name



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