Making a wish ... errr ... *four* wishes! 😳

Luis Ressel aranea at
Wed Jan 24 15:07:19 CET 2018

On Wed, 24 Jan 2018 09:15:36 +0100
Clemens Schrimpe <clemens.schrimpe at> wrote:

> Context dependent (global) „variables“ for functions/filters

I'd love to see this feature, too! In particular, access to the
local/peer ASN would be useful for me, and your other suggestions seem
sensible, too.

> An „ipset“ protocol for Linux

Interesting idea! Keep in mind there's nftables these days, too,
which has its own set implementation. Ideally, both of them would be
supported. :)

In the absence of direct bird support for this feature, it can be
emulated using policy routing, fwmarks and the 'fib' nftables match
(or its iptables equivalent) but this is a hack with some unfortunate
performance costs, so I agree it could be useful to have
iptables/nftables set support in bird.


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