Set SRC PREF for routes when injecting routes to kernel

Michael Rack mail at
Mon Jan 15 08:49:24 CET 2018

Hi all!

Is it possible to set the SRC-Attribute on routes that will be inserted to

I have private /31 networks to connect to other routers in my network and i
don't want to see these private ip-addesses on a traceroute from a network
with public ips. Every Router have a public IP-Address on his
Loopback-Interface, so i can use that address for ICMP-Replies.

Lets say and is my public network address space.

router#1.lo =
router#1.eth1 =
 ----- eBGP -----
router#2.eth1 =
router#2.eth2 =
router#1.lo =

On traceroutes i like to reply from a specific ip-address. In case of
router#1 with and for router#2 with

On Unix / Linux you can accomplish that feature with
router#1# ip route add via src

So how can i set "src" with bird on import route filtering process?
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