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On Thu, Oct 12, 2017 at 11:43:03AM +0000, Magnus Löfqvist wrote:
> Hi,
> We are running Bird with OSPF between embedded routers (openwrt) (mobile routers).
> The routers are connected to our main server with openvpn, and we are using bird ontop on openvpn to deliver routes to the end routers.
> This have worked quite well, but today we notice some glitches.
> We had some routers that did not finish election (ie, stand in init instead of being full).
> When we count, there are exactly 100 devices that are in "full", and 3 in init.
> Are there any limit on how many neighbors/routers?


There is AFAIK no hard limit, but there is an issue that if you have too
many neighbors, you end with Router-LSA that does not fit into MTU and
will be sent using fragmented IP packets. Which usually works, but may be
problematic. But that is probably not relevant, as if there were such
problem, they would stuck in later stage of exchange and not in 'init'.

So i have no idea why they stuck in 'init'. Isn't there any
misconfiguration? Is there anything in logs? Did they corrected after

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