Bird for RTBH trigger

Robert Blayzor rblayzor.bulk at
Wed Oct 4 02:10:11 CEST 2017

I am attempting to setup Bird on a VM to act as a RTBH trigger…

Bird 1.6.0 on FreeBSD 11.1

Is there a alternative way to advertise null routes from Bird rather than using a kernel table?

I have tried using static routes, but because assuming the next hop is not reachable, the routes do not export. I guess I’m looking for a way you would normally do something like a null route in Cisco and get that route into BGP. Using the kernel table at the moment is not desirable…  Also other than other routing protocol peering sessions or the kernel, is there another way to get a static null route into Bird?

protocol static trig1 {
        route blackhole;
        route via;
        import none;
	export all;

bird> show static blackhole via (dormant)

name     proto    table    state  since       info
trig1    Static   master   up     00:02:27
  Preference:     200
  Input filter:   REJECT
  Output filter:  ACCEPT
  Routes:         0 imported, 0 exported, 0 preferred
  Route change stats:     received   rejected   filtered    ignored   accepted
    Import updates:              1          0          1          0          0
    Import withdraws:            0          0        ---          1          0
    Export updates:              0          0          0        ---          0
    Export withdraws:            0        ---        ---        —          0


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