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HI Pardeep, 

maybe it is usefull to learn some fundamentals on operating a linux
system before you use a routing daemon on top of it.

On Fri, Dec 15, 2017 at 08:38:47PM +0530, Pardeep Sharma wrote:
> Can anybody guide me, the use of below link..
> Basically I am installing BIRD In linux. I use "yum install bird" and then
> in /etc directory bird files creats but when I run birdc it shows me "such
> file or directory not available.

Well, you installed bird, but have you edited bird.conf and
started/restarted the bird / bird6 daemon?

What is the output of:

ps auxf | grep bird

if your system uses systemd, "systemctl status bird" should
give you an information if it is running.

If the daemon runs, birdc will and can connect to it for reconfigure,
get informations, routing table informations and more. But you need to
configure bird with the bird.conf/bird6.conf file in /etc (or

> Please guide me how to install BIRD In LINUX..

You had installed it with yum already, now you need to learn how to run
and configure it.

And please don't spread your questions over several threads, that is not
very helpfull.


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