BGP flowspec support

Maximilian Eschenbacher Maximilian.Eschenbacher at
Mon Apr 24 09:58:15 CEST 2017


am I correct in assuming that bird does currently not support sending
bgp flowspec rules (RFC5575) which uses MP_REACH_NLRI attributes? In
proto/bgp/bgp.h I found these lines:

/* We don't support these: */
#define BA_DPA          0x0b    /* ??? */
#define BA_ADVERTISER       0x0c    /* [RFC1863] */
#define BA_RCID_PATH        0x0d
#define BA_MP_REACH_NLRI    0x0e    /* [RFC2283] */
#define BA_MP_UNREACH_NLRI  0x0f



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