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I take it this feature is not planned or feasible, then?

Israel G. Lugo
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On 10-05-2016 18:55, Israel G. Lugo wrote:
> Hello,
> Is there a way to obtain more information about LSAs? I've been
> debugging an issue with a hardware router. I know I can do this:
> bird> show ospf lsadb lsid
> Global
>  Type   LS ID           Router          Sequence   Age  Checksum
>  0005    800012e8  1193    e030
>  0005    8000042a  1464    0a6f
> But I'd like to see things such as the Forwarding Address in
> AS-external-LSAs, the Options field, and so on.
> Would this be possible to do? Perhaps adding an "all" option to the show
> ospf lsadb command. I think it would prove valuable for troubleshooting
> those weird cases.
> Regards,

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