OSPF: how distance parameter is calculated ?

Piotr piotr.1234 at interia.pl
Fri May 22 12:38:59 CEST 2015


I have two ospf routers in the same vlan and subnet but with different 
metrics (20 vs 50). I'd like to prefer router with metric=20  but 
distance parameter is more prefered. How can i change distance parameter 
or just  ?

thanks for help

bird> show ospf state


                 distance 10
                 network metric 1
                 network metric 1
                 nssa-ext metric 50

                 distance 11
                 network metric 1
                 stubnet metric 1
                 nssa-ext metric 20

server config:
protocol ospf MyOSPF {
             tick 2;
             rfc1583compat yes;
             area {
                    interface "bond0" {
                              hello 10;
                              priority 0;
                              type nbma;
                              neighbors { eligible;
                                  eligible;      };



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