Optimizing large BGP -> Linux kernel additions/removals

Ondrej Zajicek santiago at crfreenet.org
Tue Aug 18 11:12:46 CEST 2015

On Mon, Aug 17, 2015 at 03:41:00PM -0700, Matthew Walster wrote:
> When a BGP sessions comes up/down, there is a period of high CPU while all
> the new best-routes are computed -- this is understandable.
> However, on boxes I have where this table is then promoted to the Linux
> kernel, the CPU usage stays high for some considerable time. For a full
> (~600,000 prefix)
> >From the looks of things, a bunch of netlink messages are being generated
> to the kernel to RTM_DELROUTE then RTM_NEWROUTE -- each of which is causing
> the kernel's trie to rebalance which is a fairly costly operation.
> Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be an RTM_CHANGE or similar in Linux,
> so the DELROUTE will seemingly cause a tree to either be pruned or
> re-branched, followed by the NEWROUTE causing a full rebalance run --
> whereas a CHANGE would (could) hopefully just over-write the value.


I don't know much of kernel internal code, so i cannot answer the further
questions, although it seems silly to me to not have some kind of amortized
behavior for trie rebalancing.

Note that there is NLM_F_REPLACE flag that with RTM_NEWROUTE works like
RTM_CHANGE. And BIRD used that in some historic versions. But there is a
semantic problem with these replacements - route options works like
selector for RTM_DELROUTE, but not for replacement (where they just
represent new values).

Namely BIRD can specify rtm_protocol RTPROT_BIRD for RTM_DELROUTE and
only BIRD routes are affected (and RTM_NEWROUTE would succeed only if the
RTM_DELROUTE succeded), while for replacement specifying rtm_protocol
RTPROT_BIRD just means that the current route (regardless its
rtm_protocol) is replaced with the new one with that rtm_protocol value,
which is undesirable.

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