Device protocol not recognizing interface address change

Israel G. Lugo israel.lugo at
Thu Aug 13 19:29:27 CEST 2015


I work with Bernardo.

One piece of additional information: the problem seems to be caused by
the interfaces being link down when BIRD comes up. They are already
configured by the OS scripts, but they haven't finished negotiating the
link yet (NO-CARRIER, state DOWN).

After a few seconds the interfaces do come up, but it seems something
inside BIRD (OSPF protocol, perhaps) is not noticing this.

At the moment, as a workaround, we're doing a few sleeps before starting
BIRD, until the interfaces are actually link up. But of course this
isn't a solution.

How can we help debug this further?


Israel G. Lugo
Núcleo de Redes e Comunicações
Direção de Serviços de Informática
Instituto Superior Técnico

On 04-08-2015 13:03, Bernardo Figueiredo wrote:
> Sorry for the delay.
> I include the output of the commands you asked as attachments.
> Doing birdc restart ospf1 worked.
> Às 09:26 PM de 07/27/2015, Ondrej Zajicek escreveu:
>> On Wed, Jul 22, 2015 at 05:50:09PM +0100, Bernardo Figueiredo wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> When restarting some routers at the institution I work, sometimes bird
>>> doesn't start announcing any routes until we either restart bird or
>>> restart
>>> When this happens:
>> ...
>>> "bird> show ospf
>>> (...)
>>>                  Area networks:
>>>                             Advertise
>>>                             Advertise
>>>                                  (...)
>>> I think that even though when bird first starts it shouldn't immediately
>>> start announcing(because it didn't see that the interfaces ip
>>> addresses), it
>>> should after 10 seconds when it scans again, because then the
>>> interfaces are
>>> already fully configured.
>> ...
>>> So, my question is, shouldn't the Device protocol scan update see
>>> that the
>>> ip addresses of an interface have changed and if so, start announcing
>>> the
>>> route.
>> Hello
>> BIRD Device protocol generally does not have problems with noticing new
>> addresses. Most likely it could be problem with BIRD OSPF protocol not
>> activating the interfaces / areas.
>> Could you also report results of 'show interfaces' and 'show ospf
>> interfaces' when it works and when it does not? Does help just restarting
>> the OSPF protocol (birdc restart ospf1)?

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