Malformed AS_PATH error

Jiřík Tomáš Tomas.Jirik at
Thu Nov 6 15:48:28 CET 2014

I am seeing this error message in bird's log and I am unable to find reason.

<RMT> PEER: Error: Malformed AS_PATH: 40022002080000b8800000b8800000b8

Weird thing is that if my peer sends me just his prefixes everything is alright. When he sends me full IP table and I apply filter to accept just my peer prefixes, the error occurs again.

I have theory, that when BIRD reads route with a  malformed path even if he does not  accept it, it drops BGP connection with this error.

So I have 2 questions. Am I correct in my theory? And if so is there way around it?

best regards,

Tomas Jirik
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