bitwise operation in filters

Daniel Wendler dwe at
Fri Feb 28 13:27:35 CET 2014

Hello List,

at the moment we try to implement an fine granulary filter mechanism in our Bird 
OSPF setup. We ask ourselfes if anyone has implementet bitwise operations in 
Bird filters which is not in official code.
If not, are there any plans to implement such an feature in Bird filters or 
should we try it to implement on our own and contribute this to the mailing 

For better understanding i include an example:

We use the ospf_tag attribute as an group identifier. at the moment we have 4 
groups. There are routers which could belong to more than one group.
So we would like to combine the groups in any way. The most efficient way to 
reach this is an bitwise operation. 


Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Daniel Wendler

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