Combining routes in BIRD OSPF export

Steve (Telsat Broadband) steve at
Thu Feb 27 04:18:03 CET 2014

Hi All,

I have a question which I can't seem to find the answer for.

We allocate network ranges to our customers (both IPv4 and v6).

All our v6 ranges (say /64's) get allocated out of a single larger /56

What I want to do is prevent BIRD from picking up the individual /64's
assigned to customers and only 'export' the larger '/56' block to OSPF as
this is really all that's required.

What configuration would I need to alter to achieve this.  

This is the current (v6) config we're using:

log syslog all;

router id;

debug protocols all;

protocol device {
	scan time 10;

protocol kernel {
	export all;
	scan time 15;

protocol static {
	import all;

protocol ospf {
	import all;
	export filter {
		ospf_metric1 = 1000;
		if source = RTS_STATIC then accept; else reject;

	area 0 {
		interface "eth0" {
			cost 5;
			type broadcast;
			hello 10; 
			retransmit 5; 
			wait 40; 
			dead 40;
			authentication none;

		interface "*" {
			cost 1000;


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