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Wed Feb 5 13:46:16 CET 2014


I am running Bird6/rel.1.3.7  and using OSPF3 for IPv6.

I need to setup IPv6 route propagation filtering but do not succeed.

I got a bulk of IPv6 routes, but need to propgate to area only the 

one, which comes in from tap0 (fed0:1701:f001::/64):

show route

fed0:1701:4::/64   dev lo [direct1 Jan16] * (240)
fed0:1701:2::/64   dev GRE1-ETH6 [direct1 Jan16] * (240) dev GRE1-ETH6 
[OIPv6 05:47] I (150/10) []
fed0:1701:3::1/128 dev sit0 [direct1 Jan16] * (240)
fed0:1701:a000::/64 via fe80::5efe:ac10:806f on GRE1-ETH6 [OIPv6 05:47] * 
E2 (150/10/10000) []
fed0:1701:f004::/64 via fe80::5efe:ac10:8078 on GRE2-ETH6 [OIPv6 05:47] * 
E2 (150/10/10000) []
fed0:1701:f002::/64 via fe80::5efe:ac10:806f on GRE1-ETH6 [OIPv6 05:47] * 
E2 (150/10/10000) []
fed0:1701:f003::/64 via fe80::5efe:ac10:806f on GRE1-ETH6 [OIPv6 05:47] * 
E2 (150/10/10000) []
fed0:1701:f001::/64 dev tap0 [direct1 Jan16] * (240)
fed0:1701:f003:1102::/64 via fe80::5efe:ac10:806f on GRE1-ETH6 [OIPv6 
05:47] * E2 (150/10/10000) []

Is this available at all? I am not managing to do this, I am missing 
something or doing something generally wrong?
Pls. find relevant config details below:

filter test_filter {
          if net ~[ fed0:1701:f001::/64 ] then accept;
          else reject;

protocol ospf OIPv6 {
        export filter test_filter;
        tick 2;
#       rfc1583compat yes;
        import all;
        area {

thank you very much for replying

freundlich grüsst,
kind regards,

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