import functions & filters at same time of BGP protocol

Javor Kliachev jkliachev at
Thu Sep 12 10:27:08 CEST 2013

Hello Ondrej,

Many thanks for your explanation and the solution.

I have made the necessary changes according your advice but now I see 
following strange behaviour.

I'm trying to implement "roa filter check" in separate function but 
unfortunately it doesn't work.
May be I made something wrong but I don't know where or what :)

I ask for your help again.

Here is part of my conf in the lab:

table T64778

roa table r64778 {
      roa max 24 as 64778;

function AS64778_in() {

/# This check seems not working. The network is 
permitted which is strange.//
# because it is not listed in my roa table. When I use the same but 
implemented in "import filter" it works.

/  if roa_check(r64778, net, bgp_path.last) = ROA_INVALID then return false;

/#  Fake networkf for test - it should not be accepted. //
//#  When I try to remove the comment bellow everything works as 
expected and the networks is reject successful.//
/#  if (net = then return false;

   return true;

protocol pipe P64778 from PIPES {
   description "Monitoring";
   peer table T64778;
# export where bgp_out(64778);
   export where MM_PIPE_OUT(64778,[(1,1001..1999)]);

protocol bgp R0_252 from PEERS {
   description "0.252_Mon";
   neighbor as 64778;
    import where AS64778_in() && MM_BGP_IN(64778,1,1001);
# import where MM_BGP_IN(64778,1,1001) && AS64778_in();
   export where MM_BGP_OUT(64778);
   table T64778;

I hope my provided information to help to solve my problem.

Thanks in advance!


On 09/11/2013 08:21 PM, Ondrej Zajicek wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 06:47:09PM +0300, Javor Kliachev wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I would like to know what will happen if we use function & filters
>> configured at same time
>> on import direction of given BGP procotol. Which is first pass? Till now
> ...
>> But when I decided to apply and "filter import <some filter>" all
>> conditions and rules in my applied
>> function was totally ignored. Only the condition in the filter was checked.
> Hi
> This is expected. "import where COND;" is just a shorthand for
> "import filter { if COND then accept; else reject; };"
> Multiple import/export filter options are ignored, just the last one
> is used. If you want to mix several prepared functions/filters, then write
> everything as a function and use "import where FN1 && FN2 && FN3;".

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