IPv6 and trigger

Miłosz Oller milosz at sys-com.pl
Thu Aug 29 12:32:08 CEST 2013


I have configured IPv6 with radv. It works properly on one router. I
have two routers with HA. In documentation is 'trigger prefix' in radv
My config on routers:

protocol radv dc {
interface "bond1.10" {
max ra interval 5;
managed no;
prefix 2001:67c:2ad8::/64 {
autonomous off;
prefix 2001:67c:2ad8:1::/64 {
autonomous off;
trigger 2001:067c:2ad8::/48;

I moved 2001:067c:2ad8:ffff::ffff/48 - bond1 and
2001:67c:2ad8::1/64 - bond1.10 on router 1 to router 2. And it
doesn't work. Hosts don't have route to global network.

How to configure it properly?

Miłosz Oller

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